Poke (38”x50”)
I Want To Join (40″x50″)
The Dog Cann
ot Take Care Of Himself (36”x54”)

Paint on Canvas

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These works explore interactions seen in various relationships. Specifically in these three paintings, I had sibling and parent connections in mind. I enjoy seeing how people interact with others, so most of my figurative paintings derive from that. I’m intrigued by different relations between strangers, so these more recent paintings are not personal but instead are from an outside perspective.


Rachel Grain


Receiving this Microgrant helped me continue painting this past summer. I cherish painting and would love to be able to do it everyday but the cost of doing so is high. This is why I was grateful to be chosen for this opportunity. It gave me the ability to purchase materials needed to create these works. Having the grant gave me more comfortability with prioritizing finances towards materials like canvas, stretchers, paint, brushes, etc. The past few years, specifically during and after major surges of COVID, have been difficult for everyone. Most people have had financial tragedies, struggled with mental health, or lost parts of who they were because of the virus. With help from my friends and family, I have learned how to work during difficult times. The people I love have helped me see past temporary setbacks, no matter how devastating they may be. Luckily, COVID has slowed down and we are able to safely be in the studio. Being surrounded by other artists and professors is incredibly important which I hope to never take for granted. I am certain that other people would benefit from financial support and deserve to be given an opportunity like this in the future. Not only does it feel honorable to receive the grant, but it gives us the resources to do what we love. It is heartbreaking to see artists stray away from creating due to monetary burdens. Creating can be expensive, and many college students cannot fully express their potential because of this. Being a part of Michigan State has shown me that people have hope for us. They are willing to bless us with aid during a time of need for the purpose of making something memorable. The grant itself helped me with the physical aspects of painting, but having people believe in me gives me hope for the future. Opportunities like this don’t come very often, so being selected for this gave me a sense of purpose and confidence to continue creating.